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John Worrell Keely (1827-1898)

John Worrell Keely (1827-1898), from Philadelphia, USA, more than hundred years ago within more than 25 years experimented and utilized mysterious devices using a source of the unlimited eternal energy of environmental space in the various purposes. The mechanical devices, engines rotated and made work without using of seen external sources of power. On his representations all in a Nature oscillates, vibrates. The nature of forces carries vibrating character. The organized vibrations - music. Harmonious mutual exchange of vibrations - sympathy. Science about a nature of such phenomena Sympathetic Vibratory Physics is the science based by John Worrell Keely. John Worrell Keely scientific idea were and now is heaviest for perception. Its understanding requires the widest knowledge in all areas of a science Philosophy, Mechanics, Acoustics, Electricity, including Occultism. In general always real knowledge of Things Nature was destiny of Consecrated One. John Worrell Keely works is an example of such knowledge. Therefore after his death for most of scientists its have remained riddle expecting his Consecrated One.

Roots of Vibratory Etheric Tree

The Keely Musical Dynasphere