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Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

In 1880-th years Nikola Tesla has invented the equipment and alternating current system of electrosupply destroyed existing and roughly developing in that time electrification of cities with use system of direct current. But already in 1890-th years Nikola Tesla has developed a new type of electrogenerator not consuming any fuel and scooping energy from an environment, so-called radiant energy. Energy supply with use radiant energy (patents ##685954, 685958,645576) does not require system of distribution, account and transmitting on distance (wires). Its carrier the radiant energy has not owner, its belongs to everyone it can not to be sold, centralized to distribute, to share. In any place at any time it was enough to lift one plate on air another to deepen in ground and to connect its! Thats just what was not pleasant to the financial patrons of Nikola Tesla. Invested huge credits in development alternating current system of electrosupply they had not any interest in introduction more noble but less profitable electrosupply system. Also there is nothing strange that development exactly of such systems has served as rotary item in his career in most cases the later inventions of Nikola Tesla were not introduced into life.

Later he carried out tests of transmit of high-voltage&frequency electrical energy in environment (air, rocks), deeper understood the mechanism of environment energy use, the devices of a new type are developed. But is farther than own, home use this knowledge do not entered and have remained on secret till now, as well as his participation in secret science of XX century.

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